Awesome R Posts


  1. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love R CMD Check
    @Julia Silge #CRAN #package
    A real process of getting a package CRAN-ready.


  1. Rbitrary Standards
    @ Oliver Keyes #R #FAQ
    This is an alternate FAQ for R.
  2. Submitting packages to CRAN
    @ François Briatte #CRAN #package
    This note lists a few of the mistakes that one can make before submitting a package to CRAN.
  3. EigenCoder: Programming Stereotypes
    @ Jeff Allen #fun #visual
    There are a lot of stereotypes in the programming community. Well it turns out that some of these might be true.
  4. BallR: Interactive NBA Shot Charts with R and Shiny
    @ Todd W. Schneider #shiny #NBA
    Make your own shot charts for any NBA player dating back to 1996.
  5. It’s not the p-values’ fault – reflections on the recent ASA statement (+relevant R resources)
    @ Tal Galili & Yoav Benjamini #p-value #theory
    This post highlights points raised by Yoav Benjamini in his official response to the ASA statement, as well as offers a list of relevant R resources.
  6. An Introduction to XGBoost R package
    @ DMLC #machine learning


  1. Sustainable code for social scientists
    @ François Briatte #reproducible #code


  1. String manipulations on full names
    @ François Briatte #string #preprocess
    This note shows how to use the stringr package to clean a list of full names.


  1. Understanding [.data.frame
    @ Kevin Ushey #data.frame


  1. R Surprises
    @ Ondřej Bojar #FFI #gotcha
    The number of ‘gotchas’ has exceeded my threshold. Instead of smashing things, I’ll to write about it.